vyperman7 (vyperman7) wrote in bttf,

BTTF Tribute - Where the Streets Have No Name

I cut the original version of this YEARS AGO, and it wound up on BTTF.com gathering a decent following. However, due to repeated downloads and people posting it on YouTube trying to take credit for it, I wanted to cut an all new HD version that I could be happy with. The song fits the trilogy surprisingly well and I see it as a theme song for the BTTF movies now.

WATCH IN 1080P if your computer has a fast enough connection. If not,try 720p or 480p.

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Deleted comment

I'm not a big fan of U2 but I have to say-- EXCELLENT job with the editing and just about everything else to do with this video! *claps* Very very nice!!! :D
Great tribute. :)